The “Over- It” List

When I first came upon “The ten most overrated things in America” my first thought was, “Finally! Someone else out there is as sick of hearing about this crap as I am!” My second thought was, “only ten?”.  I tend to find only about ten things that aren’t overrated on a daily basis. However, let’s take a look at what products feels are just old, unneeded or simply don’t live up to the hype, shall we?

The first on the list is the much discussed, much marveled at Apple Ipad. Honestly, I have found myself jonesing many a time for one of these beauties- even if  it is just to show my friends at dinner parties how cool I am by simply by letting it carefully fall out of my bag into full view of everyone. Wait, isn’t that the ONLY reason to have one? Every capability it offers is already contained in one of the other “groundbreaking, can’t live without products” Steve Jobs already sold me on. Enough already!

The second is one my personal favorites- Saturday mail delivery. Really, with online bill paying, email, Facebook, and all the other virtual communication programs out there, the only thing that actually comes in the US postal mail is the Pottery Barn catalog and frankly, saving $5.1 billion annually by doing away with Saturday delivery means I can wait until Monday to find out what jute rug is on sale.

3-D movies is the third most overrated? Really? I disagree. Maybe some people want to dish out another three bucks to see epic wars or hot vampires really close up. I don’t care either way.

Frequent Buyer programs- this should have been number one, not fourth. Long gone are the days that consumers will buy something just because it is 10% off with a frequent buyer card. E-commerce and big box retailers (I’m talking to you Walmart) are lowering prices (and ethical standards) every day, in order to feed  the consumer’s hunger to get value from their purchases. So retailers, please stop asking me if I want to join the frequent buyer program for an extra 15% off my purchase. The buck fifty I can save on a $9.99 purchase is worth ar less than the 20 minutes it will take the employee to correctly type my name and phone number into the system, even after the fifth time I spell it.

Smack dab in the middle of the list is Cable TV. Totally not overrated!  My life would not be complete without Rubini, Cooper and Zakaria. I HATE when their faces, and more importantly, their words become distorted because the video is buffering on my laptop!

Leading off the bottom half is Toyota. Yeah, when manufacturer’s greed was revealed via the massive 9 million-car recall for acceleration problems, the jig was up.  One can only ride the wings of an environmentally friendly Prius for so long.

The next is Mr. Basketball, LeBron James. I don’t care if he stays with the Cavs or comes to NYC. But what they heck- maybe the Knicks could actually win a game if he did suit up at the Garden!

Silly Bandz- According to Time magazine,  these fad- friendly bracelets have been outlawed in schools because they are considered “a distraction” given their bright color. I can’t imagine what the school’s administration would do with me, I basically look like a walking Joseph’s technical dreamcoat!

Lost Finale. Sorry, I lied. This should have been number one. Stay on the island and leave me the hell alone.

And finally, energy drinks. Do people still drink these?  I thought Vitamin Water was the new “it” beverage. Or at least one would think so if they ever looked inside my fridge!

So here you have it, my feelings on this top 10 list.  There is one glaring oversight, which in my opinion, is the non-ending parade of celebrities who feel the need to spawn themselves endlessly in the form of fragrance. Ms. Mariah, never-met- a-spandex-dress-she-didn’t-like- Carey, has a new one inspired in her husband Nick Cannon called, “Lollipop Bling”. Wonderful, I now get to look forward to a horrendously stupid commercial featuring an age inappropriately dressed Mariah, just what I always wanted. Thanks Elizabeth Arden, I am on my way to knock on your red door!

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