Monday Morning Mashup

Quick Update on the Mash:

Why do people think it is okay to announce divorce on Twitter?

Links to recent stories that just got my attention, got under my skin or simple ridiculous and must be shared:

Wonder if we can get Angie Jolie to  play Anna Chapman, Russian spy who apparently was genetically predisposed to her criminal career

This gives a whole other perspective to “The Woman who Lived in a Shoe”

Oh, I love Dove for telling us that “real women” for its beauty campaign should essentially be flawless, non- models.  Nice

Ladies, not getting laid this summer? Maybe it’s because you’re wearing these trends that men HATE

Proof that a good haircut and a sharp suit can cover any manner of sins and get you the job

Wow, this guy really hates Anna Wintour

Times Square, millions of tourists and cheap trendy fashion, oh my. Avoid like the plague!


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