Family Portaits with Pets

Oh Urban Daddy, how I love thee.  Each day, this gem of a website brings me the best, newest things to do, eat and do in New York.  Today, they chose to feature the odd and often awkward world that is family portraits.  You know what I am talking about, while visiting your in-laws you get paraded around the house and are shown the many family portraits visually documenting the very ugly duckling stages of your now attractive spouse.  Rather than burst out laughing, you ooh and aah over how “adorable” or “cute” the picture is and inside you are screaming, “I hope our kids take after me….”.

However, what happens when that family becomes a party of one, and his pet?  You heard it right, at some point I guess people assume that it is unsuitable to take a “family portrait” as a singleton, so apparently throwing in an animal makes it okay?  There is no other explanation for what is below.

After hysterically laughing for 3o minutes, I thought, “poor guy, does he really deserve to be all alone with Polly?”  If anyone deserves to be alone, it is jack-ass Tony Hayward, who apparently is very much missing his family time while he destroys our eco-system, especially all of Polly’s relatives.   So it got me thinking about what Tony’s Christmas card should look like this year.  Well, here it is!  He can pay me later- that is if that $20 million bonus hasn’t been spent by the Mrs.   After all, when the boos is away, the wife will play!

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