Blonde Ambition

It has been said that “blondes have more fun”.  As a raven haired beauty all my life I cannot vouch for the truth of this statement.  Although I find it hard to believe that someone can “out fun” me, apparently they can out earn me.  Harvard Business Review released the findings of a study conducted by David W. Johnston of Queensland University of Technology in Australia, revealing that blondes earn 7% more than brunettes and tend to marry men to also earn 6% more than husbands of women with other hair color.    Apparently this study is related to previous research revealing that employers wrongly consider attractive workers more productive (okay, maybe not more productive but certainly nicer to look at when you are slaving away for 18 hours a day for the same pay you received 3 years ago).

Here is where I put my money, invest in Clairol.  The bottle blonde market is about to skyrocket. If Friday’s massive stock market sell off got you a bit nervous, and waiting until July 23 to hear the results of the infamous “stress tests” conducted on Europe’s leading financial institutions has you more than a tad hesitant, leaving you to wonder if the trap door in your closet floor is the best option for storing cash, take a detour and buy Clairol stock!

Just think, all women have to do is cough up $7.99 (or $11.99 for us lucky ladies in NYC where Duane Reade basically rapes you for every penny), wait 20 minutes while inhaling the horrid ammonia stench, and voila! Blond!  Monday morning, run, do not walk, into your boss’s office and demand that raise the he has denied you over the past 3 years because of “the freeze”.  Perhaps he will be blinded by your light- reflecting, wheat colored coiffure,  deem you more attractive and therefore, more productive and give you that 4%. Makes total sense. Good plan.

Then again, if this were true, can someone explain Iceland to me?

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