J.Crew- WTF?

Mazel Tov to Jenna Lyons on being promoted to President of J.Crew.  I am the first to say that I admire her creative vision and hard work and I will always support having more women in leadership roles within the fashion industry.  This being said, what the hell was she thinking with this?

Yes, the sweater is everything that J.Crew’s fiercely loyal customer’s love about the brand. But just take a step back and read the copy.  A summer sweater?  A “beach-bound” outfit?  Since when is a knit sweater, hot pants, massivley chunky jewelry and a leather hobo bag sand and water appropriate?  I have so many issues with this styling I don’t even know where to start.  So I will start at the most offensive.

1. Hot Pants- Jenna, I beg you to get Mickey on-board and STOP perpetuating the idea that any woman looks good in this merge between boy short underwear and volleyball uniform shorts.  NOT CUTE and I really don’t want to see the size 14 girl wearing these on the subway while I vomit in my mouth from the grossness.

2. Sweater at the Beach- it is 95 degrees in NYC while I write this post,  in minimal clothing, in air-conditioning, in my apartment.  I don’t even want to imagine that this is what Jenna thinks is “sweater weather”.

3. Chunky jewelry. Two words: tan line.

Jenna, I beg of you to put together styling proposals that are colorful, preppy and luxury inspired, but please have them make sense and be I don’t know…be wearable?!


2 responses to “J.Crew- WTF?

  1. I must say that everything you said is true!

  2. Touche, Ali!!! Spot on…This should be published in WWD!!! You are awesome – I was there yesterday and wanted to gag when I saw this look. Hopefully, I do not run into a size 14 diaper wrapped babe on the subway either.

    Stay cool, as you are! Gale

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