An Artistic View of BP

Eva Andry, a phenomenally talented artist, has focused her recent work on BP’s ecotrocity.  Rather than the more obvious, in-you-face demonstrations on what this ethically bankrupt company has done to our eco-system, she took a more pensive route by creating installation art that will make people think.

Although not all of us live in close proximity to the oil spill and cannot personally witness its devestating effects, most of us do have backyards and outdoor gardens that we choose to enjoy during the summer months.  So, what if your’s looked like this?  Nice, huh?  Thanks BP for the unwanted and undesired home makeover.

One response to “An Artistic View of BP

  1. hey Ali, this is Dorie. I love your blog! My fashion thing is wear, what u got in the closet and take what’s in the back and bring it to the front. This is Melanie, Dorie granddaughter. I just came back from Catania, Sicily and living there for 2 years. I just got back 5 days ago. Everyone in Italy wears a scarf, i have mine on now. Also, no matter how far or how long they have to walk, the highest most uncomfortable heels must be worn that matches the scarf. Ali i think you are doing a great job, so just throw the scarf on and just carry the shoes!

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