Love the Man, not his Scent

I ask you, what is not to love about the man below?

Apparently his ability to actually increase sales of a product!  If you are Old Spice, you are smarting right now.  How is it that this new ad campaign has gained so much viral attention that Isiah Mustafa (yes, I love him, adore him, want my man to smell like him- screw it, I want him!) is honored with an Emmy nom,  the first ad wins the Film Gran Prix at Caanes, and then product sales actually decrease by 7%?

Some are saying it is the fault of mixed messages sent by Old Spice. After all, they are targeting women who are responsible for close to 70% of all body wash purchases.  Yet, the ad’s tag line is “Smell like a Man, Man.”  So who is this company preaching to?  In all honesty, I think the issue here is that Old Spice is viewed as a geriatric brand and Isiah cannot change that brand association with 2 great commercials and a set of killer abs. It is quite simply, a question of branding.  In order to compete, they need to find a way to completely reinvent themselves and tackle younger, lifestyle driven brands like Axe, a company currently experiencing growth in the U.S. beauty market.

However, on a selfish note, I beg you Old Spice to please continue these ads.  After all, I like to look from him, to my man, back to him, back to my man, back to him and wish with all I have inside that if I closed my eyes and opened them 3 seconds later, Isiah would be on my couch and ready to go…. and hopefully he would smell good, and preferably not like my grandfather.


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