iPhone vs. Blackberry: no competition

As I sit here BBM’ing my many contacts on a different continent (myself in London and my many friends in NY just getting home and wanting to gossip, remiss or simply bitch about anything and everything–hey we are NY’ers), I realize I LOVE my Blackberry. It makes me happy, allows me to check emails in the middle of Gent, Brussels and functions as an incognito camera to capture the most delectable men on the train in route to Paris.  It even allowed me to browse the US national and local NY news and I came upon this!

Apparently, iPhone users have MORE sexual partners than those individuals with other types of smartphones.  Aja! This has to be the explanation for the lack of getting my groove on here in Europe.  So guess what I am chucking into the garbage as soon as my pretty little feet hit JFK airport? You guessed it, this blackberry is dunzo and I am hightailing it to AT&T, as I refuse to wait until January, 2011 when Verizon will start offering the iPhone to actually get laid.  Suitors, the cue starts today- see you August 18!

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