The Gap’s New Styling

Although many insiders (and when I say insiders, I mean employees) swear that Patrick Robinson is on his way out in favor of an edgier creative director who can help The Gap better compete for the disposable income on the international retail market, he has done a great job upping the fashion quotient with the Pierre Hardy shoe collaboration.

This really is a new look for The Gap.  Peep toe, lace-up boots are as common as urine stench streets in August here in NYC, but how many “Gapistas” in middle America have embraced this look?  Well, it is all about styling and The Gap is the perfect brand to reinvent the classic washed oxfords and khakis uniform by tricking up the footwear to provide a decidedly downtown, urban look.  Bottom line, guess where I will be on October 19, with my $95.00 along with every other style maven looking for a value in high fashion trends!


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