Jigga Wha… Jigga Who? Jay-Z blows up Yankee Stadium with his graphic show

Ah, my friends- indeed it has been a good week since I last posted and there is a very valid reason- I have been trying out a new recipe for how to spend my time. It consists of 2 parts fashion, 1 part kick-ass concert and 1 part swearing I will never eat again after having mingled with models, clackers (fashion PR girls) and seeing Beyonce rock a VERY mini white dress and look beyond fabulous doing it!

So, this week’s posts are going to be retroactive-a review as it were of my past seven days!  So, the first thing is the Jay-Z, Eminem concert at the Yankee Stadium.  In what can only be called the best concert in the past 50 years in NY, Jay and Em brought out all their peeps for cameos including, Dr. Dre, Drake, Mary J., Swizz Beats, 50 cent and Nikki Minaj (the next Rhianna he is mentoring), as well as the one and only Queen herself, Beyonce.  All of this and the most amaaaaazing performance by Eminem, it was so honest and raw that everyone in the sold out stadium felt his pain, but also his hope.  “Lose Yourself” was simply electric, seriously, I got goose bumps!

Now, while the music was like an orgasm for the ears, what Jay-Z brought to the plate for those who are visually stimulated was nothing less than pure ecstasy.  NEVER have I seen anything such as this, take a look:

Kanye rocking it

Kinda makes you need to run to church, doesn’t it?

You would swear Notorious BIG was there:

Or, how about these chandeliers?!  I swear, in person you would have sworn they were bizillon dollar crystal hanging (oh, and that is Jay and B kissing- check out the ring!!)

And finally, being a born and bred NY’er- how could I not share the graphic digital version of NYC shown during “Empire State of Mind”

Honestly, I have never seen anything quite like this- the implications that technology of this nature has on the arts should not go unnoticed.  During the five hours the concert lasted (yes, you heard right, five hours!), all I could think of was how Broadway should get a hold of Jay and have him create virtual, graphic sets, instead of investing tens of thousands on physical sets. Once again, Jay-Z totally blew me away, but this time, for reasons I really didn’t expect.

Click here to see more photos

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