Link Mash Up! Best Stories of the Week

Happy Saturday!  I hope all of you are enjoying the lovely weekend by catching up on everything you missed during the week.  Well, here I am to help with a mash up of what I deem the best of this week:

If President Clinton needs a job to continue practicing diplomacy abroad, he should meet Paris Hilton.

Can’t get a job? She got a $12 million dollar contract after her failing apparel line is permanently canned. Nice to have options, no?

This might be the worst case of nepotism ever. Is Lindsey Lohan the face of her generation?

Another one bites the dust. If you believe in omens, look into gold, or a possible move. Obama better do more than that.

Walkout at United Nations. Bad catering? Bed Bugs? Massive sale at Barneys? Oh, maybe it was Ahmadinejad stating the world blames U.S. for 9/11.

New Study shows Mother Nature could have parted the Red Sea. Who do we talk to to see if she can do the same for the garment industry in NYC?

Can pop culture now stop idolizing vampires? Can this be the new handgun to eliminate the undesirable?

Seriously guys, no one can make these things up.  Got any good stories you think need sharing? Send them over, I love people who share!

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