Discount Ali: Bringing the Designer Look to You!

Every Fall and Spring, New York City is inundated with American fashion designers presenting their newest collections and setting the stage for what magazine editors, online bloggers and retailers of every classification and distinction will be setting as trends for us consumers to well… consume.  However, what happens when those designer trends are a just a tad out of average Jane’s budget?  Well, therein lies the argument for every H&M, Zara and Forever 21’s strategy to “knock-off” the looks for less.  Given the crummy economic times we are living in, these stores have picked up market share in the apparel industry as the number of fashionistas look to stay trendy and stylish, without moving further into debt skyrockets.   Imitating designer looks often seen on celebrites (yeah, they aren’t paying for them either- one of life’s sickest twists), is very easy to do.  InStyle magazine has a monthly column called “the look for less” which focuses on replicating celebrity style for a fraction of the price- here is a recent example:

Don’t like to read?  How about television?  There are dozens of shows dedicated to the sole purpose of convincing us that we too, can look like a million bucks for around $99.99!. Here is a little gem from that highlights a celebrated look from Gossip Girl. The show version rings in at $600.00 (which let’s be honest, is a bargain in itself for that show), but these “reporters” offer up looks at 1/10th the price!  Check it out:

Very good- we call can agree that there are many knock- off versions of high end apparel.  But what if you are a fashionista that WANTS the designer version, or something quite similar but doesn’t have access to the Forever 21’s, H&M or Zara’s of the world?  Although online designer discount stores have popped up like bedbugs in New York (I get daily emails from Gilt Group, Beyond the Rack, HauteLook, Eziba- just to name a few). Here is one of the banner deals from Ideeli for a D&G jacket that is close to 80% off!

But, what happens if you don’t like to buy online? What if you need the immediacy of taking home the purchase of simply refuse to buy something you cannot try on first? Well, I can bet that almost every city has a Loehman’s, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Fielene’s Basement, or Steinmart.   From experience I can tell you that the designer loot you can find in these budget-friendly meccas is unbelievable, if you understand how to use these stores.

Knowing when new merchandise is delivered and replenished, how the store operates its markdown calender, and additionally, how the departments are categorized is key to finding the right product at the right price.  It may sound complicated, but fear not- Discount Ali is coming to the rescue!

Starting in November, we will be selecting the designer look of the month and taking a trip to the local discount stores to replicate it, or the closest version possible for a price that almost anyone can afford!  Better yet, we are actually going to film these capsules and upload them for you to watch, because seeing is believing. With our help you will learn how to shop and find your favorite looks that are sure to stop traffic, but not your cash flow!

Stay tuned!

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