Trend Alert: Sexual Ambiguity

Someone better call KD Lang and let her know that the fashion industry as a whole is honoring her androgyny in the latest (and probably best edited) fashion trend.  On this beautiful Sunday, I check my Blackberry in the AM to find nothing of consequence, but decide to do a little online shopping on Net-a-Porter in bed- what else is there to do in there (another story for another day I fear….).  I came upon these offerings that I must say, have me quite excited:

Alexander? Burberry? Bruno? Rick? Seems like all my perennial favorites (and Tabitha, a newbie for me) are into this “Pat from SNL” trend- albeit with a tad more fashion savviness!.   Here is another major selection:

Oh my.  I am IN LOVE. It is hard for a girl who is 5’9 barefooted to pull off “androgynous” without looking like she is Sue Sylvester from Glee if you know what I mean.

Now, while I type this, my virtual finger is hovering over the “checkout” button, but alas I will probably chicken out as the total in the shopping cart far exceeds my available funds (I checked online at Chase to confirm :(). Oh, why can’t someone find me these looks at a bargain price at say, T.J.Maxx or Loehmann’s?  Oh right, at Discount Ali we can!  Let me post this and scoot right on out of here to show all of you lovely people why Net-a-Porter isn’t your only option to fitting into the “is it a she, or a he” trend!


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