Do you patch test? After this, you will!

Hello my lovelies.  I must say that it has been a while since I have gone to the drugstore to buy color in a box with the hopes that I would get just the right color to shave off those pesky five extra years, or pounds, that an unfortunate hair color can add.  Why my absence from Rite Aid, might you ask?  Well, first I hate putting on the lunchlady plastic gloves glued to the instructional page- just not cute when my hands are sweating something fierce, making the plastic bottle slide out of my hands, making the dye fly across the bathroom and find purchase on my new WHITE bathrug.  Second, the ammonia smell is strong enough to kill a horse, which means, I could also be in jeopardy.  Finally, I have yet to see a good blond color job come from a box. You raven-haired foxes are so much luckier in this department- its hard to screw up dark brown, right?

WRONG. Take a look at this poor English woman who used Garnier Herbashine dark brown hair dye, which although doesn’t use the dreaded ammonia but rather Paraphenylenediamine (let’s add that to the annual spelling bee and see if we can’t nip that 4 hour televised event to a half hour) as the active ingredient, had this result:

Apparently she had a very rare but life threatening allergic reaction to the dyes contained in the hair color. AOL published the story with the hopes of encouraging women not to skip the all important step of conducting a patch test to eliminate the possibility of an allergic reaction. After looking at this picture, I would recommend 3 or 4 patch tests, but lets get real…a woman who is trying to cover her gray, or get the perfect highlights for $10.00 isn’t really into waiting 72 hours to see if her face will swell up to the point she looks like our dear friend Sloth from The Goonies:

But hey- if there is a deterrent in the world that will work, that would be it!


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