Circus Maximus: The movie you weren’t planning on seeing, but should!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I look at the box office and say, are my only choices vacuous blockbusters or comedies that are so far outside of the realm of possibility that the only option is to laugh because, what if these events actually were to occur?  Well, let me tell you, this new indie film, Circus Maximus (see the trailer here), brings something new to the table as it superbly blends reality and totally insanity. In short, it is FRICKEN HILARIOUS.  Without giving too much away, the movie is based on a screenwriter who after a blockbuster success, receives a $1million advance from the studio, but ooops- never writes the screenplay.  Enter Mario Cantone, who is sheer genius as an angry producer who gives the screenwritier a choice: finish the project in 3 weeks or return the advance.  Only problem is that he lost the entire $1million in an unwise investment of tanning salons in Harlem (can you tell comedians wrote this script?). The other caveat is that the screenplay has to be more sick and twisted than the writer knows how to deliver.  Results?  Just go see the movie, then we can talk!  Here is a cast pic:

The other piece to this story is that I met up with the producers of the movie, Allan and Susie Goodstein, who are friends from waaay back when Susie and I were both expectant mothers at Mount Sinai Hospital.  Even back in the late 1980’s Allan and Susie swore they were going to find a way to stop selling Honda’s and pursue their real passion.  Well, mission accomplished!  I cannot tell you how gratifying it is to see hard work and perseverance pay off, especially in a day and age when most people seem allergic to hard work.  Here we are at the film’s NYC premiere on October 19.

On a side note, Mario is going to be doing three shows at Carolines on Broadway, November 11-14, so I suggest you go here and get your tickets now.  Take it from me- I have seen him live and you will need to bring an extra pair of pants, he is that funny!

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