Mexico’s Newest Export: Mezcal

Having just returned from Mexico City last week, I already miss La Botica, my new home away from home!  Oh, it is actually the best Mezcaleria located in the trendy neighborhood of La Condesa.  Mezcal, the hipper and better brother of tequila, is currently all the rage and for some reason, I am very frustrated that so few people outside of Mexico understand its superiority in the spirits category (although why should I be surprised when American bar owners try to convince us that Patron is good tequila, and worth $14 a shot?).  So, it was quite refreshing to read The Times article highlighting the best cantinas, bars and clubs in Mexico City that are a must for your next vacation checklist.  After all, why would you turn down the chance to feel the weightlessness of a great agave based bevie without the hideous headache and remorsefulness of the Tequila morning after?  Enjoy!


2 responses to “Mexico’s Newest Export: Mezcal

  1. How was the security down there? Interested in visiting the DF at some point, but fear ATM kidnappings, general street crime, or worse. And no, I’m not getting my info from hypersensitive “drug gang” stories on the news…curious what you thought! 🙂

    • Dave, thanks for your comment. Given the historical uprise in drug related crime in the border cities, Mexico City is actually the safest it is has been in decades. There is a significant (yet not invasive) police presence and Calderon has done a decent job of cleaning up the corruption in the lower levels of federal law enforcement. Although this doesn’t seem to prove much relief to those living in the drug war zones, it does allow for a much safer and cleaner capital city. I would say that as when traveling to any major city- be aware of your surroundings. Always take appointment taxis (not street cabs) and stick to the tourist friendly parts of town (Polanco, Condesa, Coyoacan, Roma, Xochimilco, etc.) which shouldn’t be a problem as these neighborhoods represent the best of culture, food, music, art, etc. that DF has to offer. If you do plan a visit, let me know I will send you my tried and true list of places to go, things to see and how to get there!

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