The Best Million Dollar “Stupid Ideas”

Sunglasses for people with fat heads?  Kid-proof labels that don’t peel off in the dishwasher?  Hand made wooden jigsaw puzzles?  Really?  Do we need these products?  Does anyone?  Apparently the answer is YES.  Say thank you to Forbes magazine for bringing us a compliation of “stupid ideas” that are now grossing $1million or more this fiscal year.  It really is true that the only dumb ideas are those that are discarded before being tested out to see if it has legs or not.

In more important news, there will be a 21st success story in the first few months of 2011 that will definitely be on Forbes’ list next year.  I can say this, because I have intimate knowledge of this “stupid” idea that will soon be referred to as an“why didn’t I think of that!” idea.  In the meantime, see the entire list of stupid/genius businesses here.


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