Dear Mr. President…define exports please.

Our nation’s leader continues his visit through Asia and while in Japan, he didn’t mince words when stating his objective from the visit: jobs creation. More to the point- how our country can stimulate job growth through ramping up its export program.

“For America, this is a job strategy,” he said, before rattling off numbers showing that every $1 billion in exports supports 5,000 jobs at home. In turn, he said the flood of U.S. goods to Asia-Pacific nations will give those consumers, many of whom are enjoying higher standards of living, more options to choose from when they go shopping.”

But here is my question- what exactly are we exporting to Asia that the don’t already have? I am going with illegal immigrants and drug corridors- that seems to be what we have aplenty.  Anyone else have an idea of what our “exports” would be?  Perhaps its brain power… well maybe not so much.  How about green technology- again, we aren’t exactly leading on that trend. How about manufacturing….. I could hardly even write that as I am shaking from laughter from the absurdity of that one…. so help me out here. What is Obama really referring to?


One response to “Dear Mr. President…define exports please.

  1. Ali Darling, you need a TV show . . . Any producers out there listening? If CNN can give Piers Morgan an hour . . .

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