Seth Meyers, Me, China and Obama- the 4 Musketeers.

Seth Meyers and I are one. Saraliously, we are on the same page on so many issues that with quite a high rate of frequency, I feel like my mind is raped with no reimbursement of any kind at 11:35pm on Saturday nights.  If you were ever lucky enough to be a student of my Import/Export class at Parsons, then you know my position on China. Simply put, China owns us little Americans and in the event they ever choose to call in the $800 billion we owe them, well kids, get ready to see the color and headliner of your passport to change to red and “China’s Bitch”.

However, for some reason, the relationship between China and the U.S is a conversation that most people don’t want to entertain because there is a mental block to the idea that a thriving (um, okay, we will go with that) democracy could ever be submissive to a third world commie country.  Well, sometimes in order to swallow a particularly big pill, you have to laugh it all the way down.  So, click here here goes my vision of China- U.S. Relations as expressed  by the genius writer at SNL,Seth Meyers.

And, what else has changed in the past year? Coming off the G20 meeting two weeks ago, apparently not much and no President Hu, the check isn’t in the mail.  The only checks getting mailed out these days are those of the unemployment nature and on that note, can we bump up the $800 billion to say, a round $1 trillion? GM hasn’t quite been able to pay us all back yet… Watch here


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