Giving Thanks or Giving In

Happy Thanksgiving my lovely loyal readers (and sometimes dissenters)!  I hope you are all planning a wonderful day with family and friends to celebrate the many joys and blessings of life.  Especially during hard times, one must see themselves in relation to his surroundings to really notice how lucky he is.  We may not be able to spend like we used to, or eat at the best restaurants night after night or take a big trip every year, but hey, at least we don’t live in North (or South) Korea or anywhere that Sarah Palin frequents!

So, like me, I encourage you to take five minutes today to think about what is important in life, and just how fortunate you may be. And if after that reflection, you still think your life is in shambles, well, honey, crack the champagne and laugh yourself through the next twelve hours!  Hey, if you can’t laugh at life and yourself, you might as well just cash it in (I am not endorsing that last part!).

So happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year, I will toast my 60 person table in appreciation of all of you!


One response to “Giving Thanks or Giving In

  1. Sounds like you’ll be having fun! Happy Thanksgiving!

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