Christmas List: Five Unique Gifts to Give this Year

If you are anything like me, your Christmas list is MUCH longer than the list of ideas you have for appropriate, interesting and meaningful Christmas gifts to give.  Well, UpMyAli is here to rescue you with the top five perfect gifts for those most important in your life.

1. Empowering Youth:

Someday… , a book about growing up is simply one of those literary treasures that you will cherish. Written and illustrated by husband and wife, Penny Schnee-Bosch and David Bosch, Someday… helps children develop a strong sense of themselves and their world and to have fun doing it. “What would you like to be someday? It’s great to be something someday … but just being who you are today is very special!” Someday… is a charming picture book recommended for 3-6 year-olds, filled with fun and featuring a beautiful, important message for kids, parents & teachers. So please, instead of getting the little one in your life yet another toy that will be played with for five seconds, give the gift of empowerment and opportunity with Someday….. currently available on and Barnes & Noble.  Trust me, you won’t mind hearing the “read it again” comment over and over with this book!

2. Achieving balance and wellness:

Life can be hectic, stressful and downright heinous at times. When those moments roll around, I take a deep breath, roll on my Young Living Breathe Again essential oil and wait for the calming sensation to begin. I know it may sound impossible that a few lavender seeds pressed into oil could have such a major affect, but trust me, they do. My other favorites are Brain Power (for when I am designing and need to think without constraints) and Abundance (for when I send out my monthly invoices!).  This is a perfect gift for the hysteric in your life, or just someone who needs a little help finding better balance.

3. Tuning In

As many of you know, I am a jazz fanatic, and by that I mean, I wait up until 1:00am just to go to Bar 55 to hear my favorite cats.  And boy, these cats just keep getting younger!  Gone are the days of the old jazz greats, the young guns are updating the sounds and the style. If you have a music lover on your list, this is for you. I highly recommend either Stan Killian or KJ Denhert, both amazing talents who have new albums available online. Another great gift idea is to check their websites for upcoming shows at Bar 55 or Fat Cat in NYC and give an experience this Christmas with a great dinner and show!

4. Free the Mind, and the Rest will Follow:

No, I am not suggesting you get the 1990’s En Vogue CD featuring “Free Your Mind”, but rather, anything, absolutely anything written by the marketing genius Seth Godin. While reading Seth’s blog, I came across his article entitled, Where Ideas Come From and when number one was “idea’s don’t come from watching television”, I knew this was a list I could get behind. After all, these days it seems like people are more into copying already established ideas that creating something new and that my friends, is a recipe for never moving forward! So  please, get Seth’s newest book for the entrepreneur in your life who will benefit from the practical, but valuable lessons Mr. Godin shares.   So, in Seth’s words, “Go. Make Something Happen”.

5. A Little Night Music.. in Milano!

Few things are better in winter than the Opera in Milan.  Built in 1778, Teatro alla Scala is known as the premiere Opera house in Italy, and some would argue, in all of Europe. This year, the season will close on December 21st with Richard Wagner’s Die Walküre. So, get on Kayak to find a great last minute flight and hotel package and give the gift of travel and music! I will be there, you should too and after the opera, we will head over to biancopensare for some dinner, wine and conversazione.

So my darlings, andiamo! Let’s get moving on into 2011 and remember, thoughtful personal gifts are always the best way to show someone you care.



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