Russia to host 2018 World Cup

In a somewhat surprising upset, Russia won its bid to host the 2018 World Cup over the UK, Spain/Portugal and Netherlands/Belgium.  Well let’s see here, given that London is the host for the 2012 Olympic games, it was unlikely that the UK would prevail.  Although Netherlands is a MUCH better futbol /soccer country, Russia got a lot of support from its business leaders as they are salivating over the opportunity to expand into international markets.  Plus let’s be honest, does anyone really associate Russia with soccer? They are even further removed from the futbol world than the U.S.

Should be very interesting to see how Russia prepares to host the international community, this is a big PR opportunity so lets just hope that Putin pulls it together and remembers to use a approved Fifa soccer ball and not a nuclear arm mid-field!

Next. 2022 World Cup host contenders are Australia, the United States, Japan, Qatar and South Korea. Two things here: How many airlines actually fly to Qatar?  Is airport congestion due to the limited two runways a reasonable excuse to not forfeit?  Also, South Korea? Can’t wait to sit in the final match as the teams duke it out only to have the little neighbors in North Korea send a present over in the way of a lovely little bomb…. so go USA!


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