What you Missed: The Holiday Windows

My new must have YSL leopard riding boot? $1795.00

The New Prada Ready-to-Wear leather jacket with the beyond adorable bow? $2460.00

Looking at Bergdorf Goodman’s fantastical winterland holiday windows? Free and priceless.

One of my favorite things to do is walk the streets of New York in December and see how the creative minds come to life in the holiday windows on 5th ave.  I have to say that each year it seems that Bergdorf Goodman always does the best job leaving me mesmerized.  This year, the windows were really stand out not so much for the visual dynamics, but for incorporating technology in a new way. Gawkers, stalkers and visitors alike are able to scan the QR codes posted on the windows and find the product online they wanted to purchase.   Here are a couple of the best windows in my humble opinion:

luxury launches.comLuxury LaunchesAlthough interesting, they weren’t mind blowing. Then again, with Apple coming out with new products everyday that test the boundaries of what is possible vs. practical, I find myself very difficult to impress on the technological side. What I really want is something that makes me say, “How the hell did they do that?, or, “How many hours did that take to do?”   I mean, take a look at Bergdorfs window from 2008:

Now this winter wonderland took my breathe away from how many layers an imagination can have.  Another favorite was simple, get totally genius:

Karl's inspirationIn fact, after 3 years, these polar bears became quite the conversation again last spring when Karl introduced the Chanel FW 2010 collection with an imported Norwegian iceberg:

and lucky guests to the show received this invitation with a sketch of a polar bear:

I have to say, the show was creatively stimulating, but how many people do you know can really pull this look off (complete with polar bear legs/feet)?

Other than yours truly, most people might feel this is slightly over the top. Moi? Not so much.  Speaking of Chanel and holiday windows,  I recently took a look at my dear friend Richard’s fantastic blog, EyePreferParis and I found this fantastic posting on Chanel’s Paris store holiday windows:

I agree with Richard, the workmanship of the eyelet paper is amazing, but I am rather bored by the apparel looks he is rocking here. Quite staid, no? I expect so much more from the Kaiser.  On a separate note, Richard is an amazing photographer and he is now selling a book featuring the best of his work from Paris, check it out here.

I would love to invite all of you to send it pictures from your favorite windows before they all get torn down and sold to the highest (read most profitable) brand out there!


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