Goodbye Plumber Butt, Hello Comfortable Arches! My Favorite New Fashion Trends for 2011

Oh yes my friends, let me be frank- I am over the moon that pencil leg skinny jeans are no longer the look de juer!  For those of us who may not look our best in the extreme reverse triangle shape that skinny pants generate, the pervasive incoming 70’s influence on Spring 2011 trousers brings a wider leg, stronger silhouette that will not only lend an aire of being in charge, but also a slimming effect as it provides balance to the hip-ankle proportions.  Here are a few of top picks:

Above, from left: Spring 2011 runway looks from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, Jason Wu, Tommy Hilfiger. Photos courtesy of the designers.

Love, love, love. And as you can see, with great offerings from Tory Burch and Tommy Hilfiger at accessible price points, the designer wide leg trouser is not that out of reach!  And taking a cue from the above, get ready for neutrals. If you recall, I talked about the white trend I saw at NY Fashion Week Spring 2011, so girls, don’t skip the gym and make friends with your dry cleaner, because white is red hot!

Now, what is the best compliment to a wide leg trouser?  If you said a wedge shoe that elongates the leg, then 2 curtsies to you! The best wedges are being done in espadrille and leather alike, so there is something for everyone and more importantly, every outfit.  Plus, for us New Yorkers, being able to walk comfortably around the city and not have heels get torn up on Bond St. (or the slats between the wood plank floor in my office) may be what I am most looking forward to (because my biggest dream of Colin Firth coming to take me away to the English countryside is unlikely to happen), so comfortable and stylish feet is going to have to suffice!

Above: Spring 2011 runway looks from Akris. Photo courtesy of the designer.

Oh yes, Akris rocked 2 major trends: a fabulous wood and leather platform wedge and yes, a white color palette!  However, if you feel you are more an “In Living Color” type of girl, Ms. UES Tory Burch has this proposal:

Above: Spring 2011 runway looks from Tory Burch, Photo courtesy of the designer.

Oh yes, check the classic tobacco color leather platforms with the cropped and wide leg trousers and skirts alike.  I must say that whether you are preppy like Tory or not, her shoes are so versatile that you can style them to your taste. I just got these girls (and on sale!) and I wear them with everything:

And finally, unless you plan on embracing minimalism in its most pure form, you are going to need something to cart around your stuff.  So, let me suggest you store the massive non-structured bags for a new framed bag, which keeps the chic factor high.  I myself am simply drooling over Victoria Beckham’s new collection. Say what you may about her demeanor, husband or diet, but she has incredible style. Check out two of my favorite bags below, which were sold out on British Net-a-Porter before they even became available to us little Americans 😦

Above: SS2011 handbags from Victoria Beckham.  Photo courtesy of InStyle.

Other great options are the Fendi Peek-a-Boo Satchel in a wonderful bisque leather:

Photo courtesy of Fendi

If you are looking for something a bit more downtown, consider the Mulberry Alexa Bag (named after Alexa Chung, trendsetter extraordinaire, pictured below):

Although lovely in a classic brown, I suggest you hit 2 trends at once and get it in this fabulous blue color:

Photo courtesy of Mulberry

If you are anything like me, you are already mentally cataloging your closet to figure out how best to incorporate these new trends!  So viva the New Year and embrace the new and better you!  But remember, although it is tres chic to be on trend, only embrace those that favor your body.


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