Like Looking in a Mirror

Whether you believe in astrology or not (for me, the credibility lies in the information source; ie- Star magazine not so much, a holistic practitioner being more  likely to influence my thoughts and actions), it is undeniable that there are personality characteristics and behavioral traits that seem to be categorized by astrological signs.  Yesterday, a friend sent me the link to BeliefNet, a website covering all topics related to holistic living. As I went through the in-depth, step-by-step guide to understanding an Aquarius, I was blown away by how typically Aquarius I am (brilliant mind and a fierce passion for truth and justice).  Reading through the complexities that make up the Aquarius personality was not only great fun, but also a great exercise in self- reflection as to how I make the decisions that determine my life’s plan.

So, if you have five minutes, take a look here and see if you are a true member of your sign in matters of philosophy, love, work and emotional outlook.


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