What Diesel, Scoop and Chinese Dessert Have in Common

While leaving Henri Bendel’s today, I looked across the street and immediately stopped in my tracks as I noticed Diesel’s front window:

Oh wonderful.  Just what America (especially NYC) needs is an blatant written reminder  to be stupid.  Trust me, if you have been in the city, or watch the local news in pretty much anytown USA, the level of people’s stupidity is astounding.  My gut tells me that Italian brand is being passive aggressive in its bid to overtake the Red, White & Blue.  What say you?

Then on the Upper East Side, I walked by Scoop and was baffled by this window:

Aside from the absolutely boring and un-stylish clothes featured in the window, (enough of schlumpiness please!), what does  “Life, Nature, Love” have to do with the Scoop brand? Seriously, they could have put any three words on the window to the same effect.  I would have gone for, “Please Buy Something”, at least that makes a statement and gets people in the door.

Am I the only one who would prefer retailers simply showcase the best of their apparel wears and save their campy messages for inside fortune cookies?


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