NYC’s Most Fashionable Dog!

When being a dog owner collides with being a New Yorker, transportation becomes a major issue.  Most dogs don’t like being abandoned for a full day while its owner goes about his or her life, yet taking a dog on the subway can get a bit hairy (really, I have stepped on a poor pooch’s paws quite a few times in the packed 6 train), taxis can get expensive and frankly as cute as Canine Styles harnesses, leashes and puffer coats are, its is freeeezing here right now so more than the necessary 3 blocks to encourage potty time for my little Lola is out of the question.   So, how does one fashionably get around a sub-zero, concrete jungle with their canine?   This is how:

Oh yes! Bicycles are transportation de jeur as they are environmentally (and gut) friendly.  Strap a chic bag onto your back and voila, the perfect, warm and protected nook for your favorite four legged friend!  Now, I just need to find On the Street inspiration for a larger breed dog. I mean, I don’t see this working with a Mastif for example (but I am hysterically laughing at the mental picture it creates).  Please send us a photo of you and your pup moving about the city and we will feature it on UpMyAli!  Here is a close up of our little Lola getting ready for her daily bike ride:

*Above photo courtesy of Ricky Phan (

One response to “NYC’s Most Fashionable Dog!

  1. Now that is riding in style!

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