Jazz, Orvieto, KJ and Me!

As many of you know, I spent the last great days of 2010 in Italy taking in the seasonal closing of the operas and the fabulous jazz festivals.  As I mentioned in December, KJ Denhert, brought her unique and powerful voice and meaningful lyrics to Orvieto, allowing me the chance to see the show of the year.  Accompanied by Alex Han, Etienne Stadwijk, Mamadou BA, and Ray Levier, KJ really knocked it out of the park.  Here are a few great pics of us in Orvieto post show:

Gosh, it was cold and now that I look at this pic- I really love those boots!

* Photos courtesy of Roberto Cifarelli, jazz photographer

Man, I really gotta plan my next trip back to get my fix- I am already jonesing for those cats.  In the meantime, check out KJ’s schedule for NY shows.  Whether you consider yourself an amateur, or cat from way back, I promise you will enjoy her shows.  Plus, you will probably see me and if you are nice, I will let you buy me a drink 🙂


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