The Creme de la Creme de Fashion Writers

After reading Fashion Indie’s list of the top ten most influential fashion writers (do we really call models fashion writers these days? I say nay.), I find myself in agreement with many of their selections.  Here are my favorites that I am sure  will becomes yours as well.

@DKNY is the official Twitter account for Donna Karan New York and snarky as she is (female being the only indication as to her identity we have), she thrills her more than 250,000 followers every Monday as she chronicles the Gossip Girl episodes.  Let me tell you, she is like New York Magazine’s Vulture, but instead of having a show post- mortem that recaps how unrealistic the show actually is, @DKNY has of-the-moment judgment to cast. Here is a little recap from this week’s episode related tweets:

Although I admit that I always have a glass of wine and @DKNY Twitter feed open during Gossip Girl, she is actually a fashion insider and so graciously shares the absurd and outlandish requests she has to contend with as the PR for Ms. Karan..

I love her, period.

Now, if daily fashion inspiration (and a heads- up for limited time special offers) is what you crave, then you need to start following @bergdorf.  Just last week she posted a code for 20% off  all purchases, exclusive to Twitter followers.  Today she gave us an insider look into Theysken’s latest project:

Before the days of social media, fashion writers were found at the hollowed halls of Conde Nast and Hearst Publishing.  Although Nylon magazine is not my favorite editorial, its online blog is nothing short of fantastic.  Nylon’s digital director, Faran Krentcil, has gotten much buzz for creating original content that straddles the line between commercial, satirical and fun!  Next time one of the many editors I know asks me how a magazine should approach social media, my answer will be “steal Faran”.

As for the others on the list, I really must argue the point that they are writers.  Has it really come to the point that the only requirement to be a “writer” is that you type out your random thoughts or observations onto a keyboard and share it with the world?  Emerson and Poe would be PISSED!  Wait, does this in anyway reflect on me…….?


One response to “The Creme de la Creme de Fashion Writers

  1. Alas Emerson and Poe would have me hunted down and burned for witchcraft! But Lillian Hellman would retweet us, I bey, so it’s all good. xo F

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