UPDATED- Swans Take Over Red Carpet Fashion!

Updated: So my friends, it looks like our little aquatic bird friends are taking over fashion these days. Swans are known for their fierce temperament (as witnessed by Natalie Portman’s Oscar nominated interpretation of the darker- hued version in Black Swan), and Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine gave us a literal interpretation of this fierceness with her Givenchy Spring 2011 couture gown at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards:

Dang, I know I am going to be crucified for this (stay away Joan Rivers, I am warning you), but I LOVE this tulle dress with swans appliqued onto the torso.  And hey, at least she chose to show us her wonderful red hair (which totally compliments the orange detailing on the back of the dress mind you), and not the headwear chosen for the collection presentation in Paris:

Yikes.  So ladies, what I am trying to say is, embrace these snappish but gorgeous animals (I like that description for moi as well), by wearing them already! However, as a word of warning: most swans do NOT enjoy having you pull feathers from their backsides), so lets just let the pros take care of it.

It is that time of year my friends.  The red carpets are rolled out, appetites are suppressed, spanx are shimmied into and all for what? Awards season!  Although I swore I would stay away from commenting on each and every red carpet that precedes the handing out of statues, I was struck this morning by the fact that a whole new generation is being ushered into Hollywood, and one that may just make us think differently about fashion.  A quick example of what I am referring to.  No one will ever forget (or forgive) the searing of their corneas when Bjork showed up at the 2001 Oscars in this:

Ugh, this was a decade ago, and I still get pissed when I think about the lost opportunity she had to present a non weird, crazy side of herself by picking this dress (is it a dress?  Maybe its a costume, or even a uniform?  Who knows.).  Many just argued that its impossible to take a swan and turn in into a dress that is acceptable for any event, much less the biggest event in Hollywood.  I disagree, and this is why:

100% divine. THIS is how you wear a swan. Hailee Steinfeld wowed the Berlin International Film Festival in this Miu Miu satin dress which is simple perfection.  She is young, talented (nominated for her role in True Grit), and has somehow managed to strike just the right chord in her fashion choices.  I guess it is true that youth can erase the sins of the old!


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