John Galliano Suspended from Dior: Why He Will be Back

So, for all of you who don’t follow fashion news in real time (quel horreur!, what is it just me?), John Galliano was suspended from all activities at Chrisitan Dior while the French police investigate the claim he made anti-Semetic remarks to a couple while at a cafe late last night in Marais.  Apparently, he greeted, via a head nod (so not chic), a couple seated next to him at La Perle cafe.  Well, I guess the gentleman didn’t recognize Galliano (only underscoring the fact that the man was in indeed straight) told him to leave himself and his female date alone because he “was ugly”.  In turn, John apparently insulted the woman, her handbag and the fact that they were Jewish.   Not cool John.  Oh, and he was apparently tanked when all this occurred.

So, like any company with a lick of equity, Christian Dior temporarily suspended Galliano stating its “zero tolerance” policy.  Right, I am guessing that policy is enforced when (and pretty much only when), the international media picks up on the story and leaves them with no choice.  Mark my words kids, there is no reason to get your “Saddle Bags” is in a bunch.  Mr. Galliano will be back as soon as the Dior PR team can get him into some alcohol counseling program and make a generous donation to the local Jewish community center.  At the end of the day, luxury brands doing well in a challenging economic market are not about to let go of its creative leader if any amount of spin can save him.   We will continue to update this story as facts (or just random gossip or slander) are reported!


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