Flex your Fashion Muscle before the Oscars!

So if you are anything like me, chances are you are running around getting your errands done so you can install your backside on the couch next to your favorite take out and a bottle of bubbly to watch the biggest fashion event of the year.  No, I am not talking about Fashion Week, but rather, the Oscars!  Nothing is more heartwarming than watching size zero (on a heavy day) actresses walk a carpet and get hacked apart for their poor fashion choices and a well, the bubbly just makes it more of a celebration.  So, if the Oscars is the marathon of fashion, a bit of pre-event stretching is required.  Enter the Independent Spirit Awards.  Held last night in freezing temperatures on Santa Monica beach (this explains the lack of cleavage on display as every woman was wearing their boyfriend’s coat), the Spirit awards bring out the fun and sometimes odd side of actors as they can be unconcerned with the PR teams that big studios employ to prevent any uncomfortable events from occurring that could lead the general public to question the very carefully crafted persona of these money machines.actors.

Without major network coverage and minimal PR, there isn’t a major turnout of stars to the Spirit Awards and many don’t make much of an effort with their styling choices.  However, there are those few who simply are stylish, in an  innate, almost hereditary quality.  Here are my favorites of those few individuals:

Kerry Washington went floral fabulous in a long sleeve Dolce & Gabbana sheath dress paired with Sergio Rossi shoes and a  Roger Vivier clutch.  Kerry is a curvy girl and she is wise to shape those curves with structure and tailoring. Well done.

As I mentioned in my Runway Report from NY Fashion Week, animal prints continue to dominate the trends and last night, we got two examples of how to do it well:

First, lets discuss the always chic Zoe Saldana.  Honestly, when a woman is this gorgeous and never makes a fashion mistake, one wonders why anyone ever cast her for a role that covered her in blue paint for 2 hours (James Cameron, anyone?).  I simply adore her Dolce & Gabbana leopard and lace dress, paired with bright orange Brian Atwood pumps and a clutch by Bottega Veneta (far and away the best heritage luxury brand in my humble opinion).  Then we have the sultry Rosario Dawson.  I stared at this beauty for over ten minutes at the Tommy Hilfiger FW 2011 show and let me just say that her face is like architecture; in abstract is is strange but as a whole, beyond divine.  Anyway, she also chose to express her inner feline last night in a Burberry dress with Brian Atwood heels (is there any other choice?), although I would have preferred a patent nude color which would have created a sleeker line from leg to toe than this odd steel gray.
Finally, in a fabulous show of of how to wear bright color (cardinal rule is to match it with neutral tones), Ms. Portman makes maternity fashion appropriate for all us normal people who like to indulge in a big lunch once in a while:
Natalie is wearing a george Givenchy dress with Stella McCartney shoes (eco-friendly made with faux leather).  Now look here,  the skin-toned shoes not only make Natalie’s legs look taller but her legs slimmer as they don’t break the line like a dark shoe does (reference back to Rosario Dawson above).
In closing,  all I can say about the following is Saraliously?!:
Honestly, I have no idea who this woman other than the fact that she is a producer and her total disregard for fashion doesn’t encourage me to find out who she actually is.  Plus if I knew I would be morally obligated to write her a strongly worded letter on why a peacock printed, rayon-poly dress, layered under an everyday boxy leather coat, opaque tights and chunky heals is a recipe for  “Shoot, I didn’t know I was going to go out so I put my Sunday brunch dress on..hopefully I can pull it off” look.  Yeah, you can’t. Especially when you make no effort with your drab, flat hair, bare skin and peach lip gloss.
Whew!  I feel better after getting that off my chest.  Now, I can run to the gym in order to continue fooling myself I will ever fit into the sample size dresses these girls will be wearing tonight.  Expect a total report of Oscar fashion midweek, I promise it will be fun and pertinent!

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