Au revoir Galliano: Chief Designer Position Open at Dior

Attention designers: head designer position available post haste at Dior as John Galliano was fired this morning after a video surfaced of him making anti-Semitic slurs while totally wasted at a cafe in Paris.  I must say how saddened I am that a person as talented as John has such little respect for those of other faiths, religion and races.  So, who do you think should take over for Johnny boy?  My top candidate is Christian Lacroix.

Last year his namesake brand was shut down due to funding issues, but he has the drama factor and impressive tailoring skills to ensure the quality, luxury and design DNA of Dior continues in the same vein.  However, who really wants to buy from a brand so intricately woven with a bigot like Galliano?  Which brings me to the final news piece of today:  Sell shares of Dior ASAP!


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