Saraliously?! What I Found on Manhattan’s Streets

Hi there my ravenous readers.  As we all know, there is nothing I like better than to share my opinion about truly awful, unfathomable or simply questionable fashion and it seems from the amount of feedback I have gotten, that there is little you like more than reading it (I thank all of you for sending me your support and encouragement!).  Well, today I found something so gross that it left me in a dazed stupor wondering who could be responsible for such an atrocity!  Yes, it was truly that bad.  And unlike the misconceptions the CW loves to encourage with the gilded cage Serena and her crew appear to live in on Gossip Girl, the Upper East Side has truly gone to the dogs. Or, in less proverbial terms, the toilet. Saraliously?!

Wonderful.  So in one of the most expensive zip codes of the entire country, we are what, the guinea pigs for a new public toilet program?  Can’t wait to walk to 3rd and 74th this evening to watch the homeless guy who sings and smokes all day relieving himself.   Thanks Mayor Bloomberg, I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well. #movingonuptotheeastsidenolongerapplies.


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