What to Wear Now: Leather

So, is it just me or has leather exploded on the fashion scene recently?  Gone are the days that leather was reserved for cool jackets or skinny pants.  Check out the celebrities jumping on the bandwagon:

It looks like Ms. Hough and J.Lo share more than an appreciation for short, very rich men.  In Julianne’s case, she is rocking an awesome camel leather mini dress, and the new Venus goddess chose black leather shorts and super high leopard platform heals.  Winner?  Julianne.  J.Lo looks a bit boring in this outfit. If she lost the tights and showcased the legs that landed her a multimillion dollar contract from Gillette, she may have come out on top.

Super- shrinking songstress Jennifer Hudson also got the trend memo on leather mini dresses.  Girl looks dynamite (minus the hooker shoes), and her legs are a trophy for celebrity trainer Harley Pasternack, who is responsible for whipping JHud’s body into shape.

Even La Loca Lohan chose a leather dress for her most recent court appearance. In this case, not only is the dress inappropriate for the venue (duh,) but frankly, it doesn’t fit her all that well.  Basic rule: If you can see the outline of your bra, the dress is too tight!  If I can steal the words of genius Johnnie Cochran “if the dress doesn’t fit, you must acquit”.

So ladies, you now know what to add to your shopping lists for this weekend. Leather is a perfect for transitional weather, but please, make sure you actually pay for the goods unlike our last trendsetter!  Merci.

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