Transitioning Into Spring: What to Wear

If you are anything like me,  you have moved beyond the proverbial itch for spring to arrive and are officially feeling the need for a full body scratch.  Over the chunky knits, heavy coats and boots, I feel a literal need to lighten up. While walking Madison Avenue over the weekend and seeing all of spring’s best fashion in store windows makes me want to throw caution to the wind, buy that sleeveless ankle grazing striped dress from Jil Sander, even if I can only wear it in my apartment until winter decides to die.  This brings up a good topic for today- how to transition from winter into spring fashion without looking ridiculous?  Here are a few tips for successful dressing: street fashion blog brings us the perfect example of spring transitional styling.  The silk cropped pant will serve you perfectly during the summer but also works for colder temps when paired with heavier items on top and paired seasonal appropriate accessories including closed toe pumps and a scarf.

Now, if you are a trendsetter or simply confident in your legs, try a ribbed wool above-the-knee sock.  Oh yes, Cher and her posse from Clueless are back in a big way and although I loved the original look, the 2011 updated trend is a thicker, more substantial sock:

The Clueless girls who introduced the trend to teens in the 1990’s.

How to update the look:

From left: Blake Lively on Gossip Girl, Sarah Jessica Parker and Alexa Chung.

The best thing about over-the-knee sock is that you can wear them with almost any shoe.  This season’s biggest trend is the platform wedge which means ladies, it’s time to hit the gym, do a million squats to get your legs into shape to rock this trend all the way into Spring.

Oh, and here is a visual reminder of how NOT to wear the trend:

Oy.  Please remember that knee socks should be a solid color (St. Paddy’s day is no reason to wear fugly fashion!).

Another great way to transition into Spring is with a fabulous jacket.  Outerwear was a major trend on the runway and Refinery 29 brings us the best of trench coats in stores right now.  The trench is special because it works so well with a great sweater during March and April and in warmer temps, with a great silk tank top:

My favorite thing about the trench is that that it can be styled  long or short, serve as a neutral base or be the focus of an outfit in a rich hue or great texture.  The options are endless and given its position as a perennial favorite, a great trench is worthy of a significant investment.

Now, if you are looking for something a bit less structured and very “of the moment”, opt for a kimono style jacket:

Everyone’s favorite fashionista stepped up her fashion ante last Friday with this fabulous kimono style jacket in a GORGEOUS purple jewel tone:

Super chic. On a side note, it is somewhat unfair that Sarah Jessica Parker always looks so good, even when bringing her son to school at 8:00am.

Finally, if in the later Spring months you choose to indulge in a nice swim but aren’t sure how to layer over your bathing suit (a strapless dress is a bit boring after all), please do NOT do the following:

This may seem obvious, but our favorite visual merchandisers at Joyce Leslie (repeat offenders!), apparently don’t have common sense as they apparently think that a gold lame bathing suit (not sure it can even be called that given the minimal material), should be paired with wide leg trouser pants, an anorak jacket and a super ugly belt.  Why? Why?  Who should wear this out in public? NO ONE.

However, if you do want to layer swimwear, Blake Lively did it right for a Marie Claire photoshoot:

Granted, Blake has one of the best bodies on television and her super long legs allow her to wear almost anything.  However, we can all learn three basic rules for swim layering:

1. Pick a swimsuit that doesn’t look like it came from Fredericks of Hollywood. Less is not always more.

2. Select an oxford shirt or cardigan that covers you up, but that is also appropriate to be worn on its own.  Reuse and re-purpose!

3. If it is cold enough to require long pants and a jacket (and a belt for some odd reason), THEN IT’S TOO COLD TO WEAR A BATHING SUIT.

So the takeaways for transitional spring dressing? Layer your look, select appropriate fabrics, embrace seasonal accessories and invest in a high quality three season jacket.


One response to “Transitioning Into Spring: What to Wear

  1. christie kroskie

    lol sarah! love your fashion don’ts!!! todays blog seriously cracked me up!!!

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