Trend Alert: Angel Wings

Until recently, wings have been restricted to a couple of things: womens personal hygiene products, Red Bull (apparently it gives you wings but last I checked I have nothing spouting from my back) and the Victorias Secret runway show where rail thin models carry around massive wings that outweigh them by at least a hundred pounds (it might have something to do with the fact that getting “winged” by VS is the holy grail for most models as it translates to a lucrative contract).  However, this celestial symbol has expanded its wingspan into other categories and got a big promotional bump last week, albeit unplanned.

Designer Jeremy Scott began his collaboration with “Original by Adidas” in 2008, creating unique and eye-catching sneaker designs.  One of the biggest sellers has been the “wings” tennis shoe, originally released in gold and silver.  Last week while on set for a spring 2012 fashion photo shoot,  Yohji, quite likely the most uniquely stylish person I have ever met, worked his hair genius and simultaneously gave me an up-close look at the winged Adidas sneaks he was wearing:

the beauty shot:

So successful was this shoe that for Spring 2011, Jeremy updated the design by using transparent plastic and included a nozzle to allow manual inflation of the wings. Total genius!

I really like these shoes, and being a girly girl who only wears sneakers to the gym or in the (hopefully) unlikely event that I am being chased down by some violent wierdo, I doubt I have the outfit in my closet, or occasion in my life, to incorporate these beauties.  Speaking of violent wierdos, Chris Brown wore these shoes during his now infamous Good Morning America performance and melt-down last week:

What a shame, a great PR moment lost by the erratic and unbecoming behavior of a lost young man. However, Whoopi Goldberg being the sneaker lover she is saved the moment in less than sixty minutes by calling out the fact that Chris stole her trendsetting style by wearing the see through sneakers which are her personal favorite! Here she is below giving a publicist’s dream shout out on air:

Love it.  Now, if you are like me and want to join the angelic trend but can’t imagine wearing shoes this unique,  embrace winged jewelry. Not only is it super-chic and on trend, but its low key enough to be office friendly, worn on a date or even to just bum around on the weekend. For example, this necklace available on is simple perfection:

Want something less edgy? Try this ring ( take it glam and pair with a cocktail dress):

What not to do is take the trend literally and pull a Katy Perry:

Oy, Katy. I adore this girl’s music, but the wings are just silly and attached to the bejeweled bodice, she looks like a sad imitation of Ms. Chanel Iman at the VS runway show:

Sorry Katy, you lose. Like the say, “go big or go home”!  Moral of the story is unless you have a golden runway to walk down, don’t wear actual wings attached to clothes.  Keep it as a homage, not a direct translation.

Now, I am off to spot more fun fashion in the city. But, if you have a trend you would like to talk about, let me know at


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