Leave Candice Swanepol Alone!

This week has been a big one for Victoria’s Secret. They officially launched the swim collection in LA (yet another appearance by Kim Kardashian, look for an endorsement deal soon), Miranda Kerr came back from maternity leave looking GORGEOUS in a form fitting knit dress and blonde stunner Candice Swanepol got hacked apart by the media for showing up a few pounds thinner than normal.  Here she is this week at the swim reveals, sandwiched between Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima:

This is an under-stuffed sandwich cookie if I have ever seen one.  Candice is extremely thin, no question about it. She even makes Adriana Lima (on right) look pretty thick through the middle and I have seen her close up, she’s TINY. But I still don’t get all the hubabaloo.  She has always been small and to prove it, here is Candice last September at the VS Bombshell fragrance launch:

While she is rocking a more curvy derriere here, when you compare her to Adriana (again on her immediate right), she is again significantly smaller.  It may be that her face was fuller and her hair fluffier giving her a more voluptuous appearance which is what we have come to expect form Victoria’s Secret (the Calvin Klein emaciated Kate Moss look this is not).

I just don’t understand how it is that in a time when our world is falling (breaking) apart, we have enough time to criticize a model who makes her living in underwear.  Would people really prefer to buy their foreplay- inducing undergarments from this woman?

I’m guessing not.  So, unless Candice is unhealthy, or is suffering from an eating disorder, can we all stop attacking her for doing what we in part are responsible for? Merci. Now, let’s all go have a nice big breakfast and call it a day.


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