British Royal Fashion Trends

Oh Britain, I beg you. Enough with the minute details of the royal wedding. I am on 100% overload of Wills and Katie and their big day on April 29, 2011.  I get it, us Americans don’t have a royal family (no, the Bush/Trump/Obama/who is left of the Kennedy clans don’t count) and given our obsession with Princess Diana, we can’t get enough of the Cinderella dream-come-true fairytale of her  eldest son, the handsome prince, marrying  his college love, who also happens to be a “commoner”. (Anyone else sort of annoyed that Kate is representative of a “commoner” in Britain?  She sort of puts our Kate (Gosselin) commoner to shame, no?)).

After walking through London’s Hyde Park last week, it was very clear that the wedding preparations were well under way (every taxi driver talked about the event as if it were his own daughter’s big day).  Something else that I noticed, albeit less important on the international agenda,  was two definite fashion trends directly inspired from the royal staff.

1. Over-the-Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots are not a new trend, they have been keeping leggings company for at least two seasons now.  However, they were once again on the runway for Fall/Winter 2011, so if you don’t own a pair, now is a great time to snatch up a pair at at least 50% off as retailers must move inventory to make room for summer apparel.  Wondering what style to buy?  Heal, or flat, patent or calf leather?  Bright color, white or staple black?  Take a cue from the British royal security team and select a classic, high-shine black leather, flat boot:

Honestly, if it weren’t for the freakishly serious face (not even Robert Goulet could beat him in a staring contest, I would have flirted my way to date with this guy just to steal his footwear. Heck, it might just be easier (and less obnoxious) if I just buy my own. Want yours?  You can search hundreds of options  at ShopStyle , like this  Zanotti style available at Bergdoff Goodman for 60% off retail!

#2: Royal Details:

Although traditionally used as amour to protect warriors in hand-to-hand combat, the gauntlet has gone full fashion for Fall/Winter 2011. Seen above, Carolina Herrera embraced the gauntlet style glove, a great accessory to be worn over a slim fit cashmere sweater, or with a 3/4 sleeve jacket:

Wondering where the inspiration for the gauntlet glove came from? Take a look at the side of the same over the knee boots shown above:

This is more like direct translation than inspiration.  Moral of the story: embrace British fashion. It is only going to grow in relevance once  Miss Kate Middelton (eventually to become Duchess of Cambridge after she is wed)  steals the title of  Most Important British Fashion Influencer right out of Ms. Moss’ hands.


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