Hotel Armani Dubai: The World’s Most Fashionable Place to Stay

With only two days left in Dubai and five hotels under my belt, I can officially say that I have quite a good grasp on where to stay when in Dubai.  As Vanessa Williams said so eloquently in the 1990’s, we saved the best for last and are ending this unbelievable week in Armani Hotel Dubai.  For any fashionista (or he of discerning taste when traveling),  Armani Hotel Dubai is going to rock your world.   Located in the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, Mr. Armani created his hotel to reflect his home, from the design to the attention to guests.  For example, the Armani doesn’t do concierge services, they have lifestyle managers that cater to your each and every need.   The interiors are rich leathers, hand laid woods and silks from Italy.   The panoramic views of the enormous balcony overlook the Dubai Fountain, the largest of its kind in the world (shocking, I know).  The hotel’s location is also strategic as it sits directly in front of the Dubai Mall, the world’s largest with over 1,200 retail outlets ready to take every Dirham, English Pound, Euro or Dollar from your sweaty palms (my heart went into overdrive as soon as I got within ten feet of the building, I swear to it).   In all honestly, the mall is overwhelming, I couldn’t handle it for more than two hours.  The Louis Vuitton store has a crowd control system installed meaning that any one person can purchase only one bag per day.  Even with this limitation, the store has annual receipts of $60 million Euros.  It’s mind blowing really.  As is the parking lot of the hotel:

And the interior of the Signature Suite:

Let’s not forget to mention the exteriors!

And finally, the view from the balcony:

And at night, during the largest water fountain show in the world (noticing any trend here?):

So, in short; this is the hotel you MUST stay at when in Dubai if you are looking for adult only fun (and by this I don’t mean anything deprave, just great shopping, dining and romance), Mr. Georgio Armani has it all for you.

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