Shop, Ski and Go Under the Sea at the Dubai Mall

If you are among those who used to enjoy trouncing through the maze of a mall to see (and hopefully buy!) the latest fashions, but now find yourself so bored by the merchandise and empty storefronts that you end up in the food court or the attached movie theatre, this post is for you.

Located in Dubai, which in and of itself is like “The Truman Show” given its surrealism and manufactured perfection, the Dubai Mall is the world’s largest with more than 1,200 retailers.  It is the home to every brand you can imagine. In fact while having lunch at the mall, my friend Mar and I played “name an apparel brand that doesn’t have a store here and I’ll buy you a drink” game and sad to report, we both stayed stone cold sober.

Shopping in Dubai is what women do pretty much all day, everyday. It’s a social activity among friends and as money flows like honey in the business capital of the UAE (contrary to what most people think, its not the richest, that honor goes to Abu Dhabi), Louis Vuitton bags are currently the purchase de jour.  So popular are the handbags that LVMH (parent company of Louis Vuitton) had to establish a purchase limit of one bag, per customer, per day (how one can live with such restrictions I will never know).  Nonetheless, the LV store in Dubai Mall generates annual sales of more than 60 million euro. That breaks down to approximately 165,000.00 euros a day!  Oh, it’s good to be an Arnault (or Salma Hayek) right about now.

But in the case you aren’t into shopping or you just get bored, don’t worry!  The Dubai Mall has you covered with various other activities including the second largest aquarium in the world, its located right next to H&M.  No, I’m not kidding.

Once you get your full of fish and sea life, why not head down the double waterfall and teleport yourself to Niagra Falls, without having to step a toe on an airplane.

Now, I know this seems over the top (because it is), but just imagine what it must feel like come June in Dubai when its 120 degrees with 95% humidity.  Wouldn’t you like to head to Switzerland to hit the slopes and feel the cool relief of the snow?  In a time crunch that prevents you from going that far for one day?  Then, you can go to the dumpier, smaller Mall of the Emirates and ride the indoor ski slope.  Yes, a full ski slope built inside!

The kids inside were having the time of their lives. It made me want to throw on a snowsuit and hit the bunny hill myself, or at the very least, ride the chair lift.  At least this way I could burn a few cals and not feel guilty about indulging in sweets at the world’s largest candy store.

Coincidentally, if you want to burn a few more calories than skiing can provide, power walk the Dubai mall. It will only take you a mere six hours, and that is at a brisk pace and without entering any stores!  Plus, as you walk you can window shop Carrie’s favorite shoe:


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