Ten Things We Learned from Bin Laden’s Death

Now I realize that we have all rejoiced in the early morning news that Osama Bin Laden is in fact dead.  However, what can we really learn from this ten year pursuit of the world’s most evil human being responsible for the death of thousands of innocent people?  Here is my top ten list:

1. Persistence trumps everything else.  The cliched saying of  “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again”, has never been more true than it is today. It took us ten years to get this bastard, but we got him.

2. Obama will be elected to a second term. Republican’s non-wavering position that democrats are soft on terrorism just got blown out of the water to the point that Sarah Palin is standing with her hunting rifle wondering if she should organize nature tours of Alaska because shoot, she needs to find a new job.

Yes, this image is photoshopped, but its too perfect to not include!

3. President Bush was a total wuss.  Do we all recall during a press briefing on March 13, 2002 when Bush said, “I just don’t spend that much time thinking about Bin Laden. I don’t think we can say that he is the center of any command structure.  I don’t know where he is. I am truly not that concerned about him”.  Now, was Bush a moron? Maybe. Was he a mouthpiece without cojones to stand up for what he thought? Yes.  Quite likely, the difficulty of ever finding Osama framed Bush’s statement as he was afraid to be taken to task for potentially failing to get his guy.

4. America unite!  Hopefully the universal rejoicing of vindication will bring our country together, and be the push that we need to get back to the issues that are important.

5. In light of point 4, more than ever, Donald Trump is an idiot. Last week this absolute dumbass was trying to push the national agenda to questioning Obama’s legitimacy to be the President of the U.S.  A week later, Obama gets Osama.  Game over Trump.  Call Palin, I hear she might be looking for tour guides. (Oh, he also has something in common with #7):

6. The Kashmir Factor

Now, I talk a lot about fashion, and here I go again.  Although there is a difference between Kashmir (the country) and cashmere (the yarn), the yarn is in fact named after its origin.  OK, now onto politics. India lays claim to Kashmir, but Pakistan continues to say it should control the area as the majority of residents are Islamic. However, both India and Pakistan have nuclear weapons and a fight between the two entities would indeed be terrible.  The US and the UN have both taken definite positions on dissuading any warfare between the two countries but Obama has had his hands tied as he required President Musharraf’s support to go into the country in pursuit of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda.  True to his word, Obama did wade into Pakistan to get a “high value target”, but now what role will diplomacy play in getting Musharraf to simmer down seeing as he “had no idea that Osama was in this bunker”?  Hillary, pack a bag babe.

7. Speaking of, Hillary still has no style.

Explaining the importance of Bin Laden’s death, Clinton stated, “the US must seize on the death of the terrorist leader to “renew our resolve and redouble our efforts.”  Can she not do the same with identifying a stylist that makes her look less shmanish?

8. The End (Finally!) to the Royal Wedding Coverage.  From celebration to celebration, I enjoy the fact that the constant news coverage on Bin Laden’s death doesn’t feature that insidious wedding processional music.

9. New York is a kick ass place to live. Here is a shot from Ground Zero this morning at 1:00am:

10. Getting more for less. The fact that Canada’s currency is worth more than ours is totally unacceptable (sorry, Patrick!).  Getting Osama will go far in demonstrating to foreign governments that Obama has the chops to lead the free world, which in turn will ideally help reduce the massive buying of U.S. currency and perhaps help our credit rating.  Yes, this is an over simplification, and I guess its a hope more than a lesson, but let’s tempt fate, shall we?

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