Things that I Love and Have to Share

Happy Mother’s Day!  I hope you all have either feted your mother or been feted by your children.  Instead of some pithy or sappy diatribe on why Mothers are to be cherished (which they are), I figured at this point of the evening, we have all heard and said it all. So instead, I wanted to share a few spectacular things that frankly, caught my attention for various reasons and simply had to be shared.  Enjoy!

Stating the Obvious Part 1:

Stating the Obvious Part 2: Not only obvious, but true and therefore, one of the reasons I most love NYC

WTF Moments: What would motivate anyone to think the artificial taste of shrimp is acceptable? Especially on a potato chip?  Apparently I don’t get what millions of British do, who eat like, 3 bags of these a day:

Exceptional Customer Service:  After finding an unbelievable deal on a bikini (ammmaazing deal at $6.99 for the top and $9.99 for the bottom) at Land’s End Canvas, I got this two days later in the mail inside a handwritten addressed envelope:

Shoot. Normally you cannot get a customer service rep who can put a sentence together or understand the idea of  “it doesn’t fit, I need to return it” without the benefit of 3 supervisors coming to save the day, but Lands End Canvas is clearly the exception. The retailer is really blowing every other retailer out of the water with the personalized notes and establishing a relationship with its customer, the first step in forging brand loyalty.

The Super Fast Fashion Cycle: In less than 2 days, these t-shirts were all over Soho in NYC.  Talk about a fast fashion!  However, what does it say that Bin Laden gets front billing over the man who signed his death warrant?

People with Unique Style: Like this guy’s threads or not, you gotta give him props for having a vision and sticking to it.


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