Are There Age Limits on Fashion Trends?

Today, the nauseating well-informed girls of The View debated the results of a new study that revealed women believe the cut-off age to wear a bikini is 47 years old.  How this number was decided upon is neither relevant nor important as the real issue is how in the world a totally subjective issue like age is now being used to gauge how a woman should dress.  To illustrate my point, lets take a look at one of the most attractive women over 47 (at 63, she is well over the “cut-off”) Ms. Helen Mirren.  Admired for her looks and style, Helen was recently caught by the paparazzi while on holiday with her husband wearing this:

Oh yeah, absolutely hideous. I totally understand why, at 16 years over this random age limit, we should all be offended by the sight of this horrid woman in a bikini. It’s a good thing Ms. Mirren was also photographed in a tankini a few weeks later so we can compare:

Case in point. This purple tankini is much less flattering than the bikini.  The loose fabric on the midsection causes imaginary bumps and lumps. The lack of structure on the top also creates droopy boobs, making her waist look wider by comparison than it does in the bikini top which has underwire support (read lift!)  Lesson?  Age be damned. Select a bathing suit that flatters your body and provides the correct support and coverage.

This study revealed a few other fashion trends that should be forgotten by any woman in her forties as they are considered “agers” (something tells me that the woman who participated in this study are less fit and attractive than Helen and perhaps a wee bit envious).  Also listed were:

  • miniskirt (age 35)
  • animal prints (age 40)
  • stilettos (age 45)

While I do believe there are many women who questionably embrace the miniskirt (Snookie, I might be talking to you), age should not be the determining factor as to whether it is appropriate or not. What should be? Duh.  A great pair of pins to carry it off! Frankly, I see nothing inappropriate or “desperate” about Elle McPherson, age 47, in this gold mini Herve Leger bandage dress:

Elle works hard to stay very fit and healthy, so why should she sacrifice showcasing her best attribute just because she is 3 candles shy of 50?  Shame on woman for not cheering each other on with a “work it!” instead of  “please dress your age” (what does that even mean anyway?).  We will all be in support hose before we know it, so flaunt it while you got it!

Now, you would have to be dead to not notice the animal print trend has been in heavy rotation with fashionistas over the past 18 months, and still going strong (although look for snake/reptile prints to replace traditional leopard for Summer and Fall 2011).  However, according to this study, only younger women should indulge in this trend, as to avoid looking “cougarish”.  I beg to differ and will use Ms. Mirren yet again to prove my point:

Um yeah.  Russell Brand is not the only man half Helen’s age who might like to take a tumble in bed with her!  At the premiere of ‘Arthur’, Ms. Mirren rocked an animal print dress and leather motorcycle jacket from D&G, without being “cougarish” in the slightest.  Dang, half the runway models would give their right kidney (who needs two, plus its a great way to drop 2 pounds real quick) to look as good as she does.

Finally, no stilettos after fifty?  Ah, no.  The right heel height can make or break a look:

A pantsuit, an already older silhouette, is only aged further by a flat shoe:

Not so cute.   How about a low-heeled evening shoe with a dressier pantsuit?

Better!  Now, a stiletto with a pantsuit?

The Best!!!  Diane, at 65 years young, kills in a white Ralph Lauren tuxedo with nude Louboutins at a movie premiere in 2010.  The added height of the heel creates an even longer, leaner leg than what Diane already has (as does dressing in monochromatic colors- another trick to take note of as you age).

At the end of the day, we should all care a little less about what others think and a little more about selecting a wardrobe that outwardly reflects what we feel on the inside which is hopefully, beautiful and attractive, at any age!

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