Attention: Arnold’s Achilles Heel

Big story this week!  No not that one where the world’s biggest money guy got arresting for allegedly raping a hotel employee,  the other one where California’s most famous ex-governor let it slip (beat ’em to the punch I always say) that he had fathered a child outside of wedlock while married to Maria Shriver.  Somehow, I was not at all surprised.  Public figure with a gorgeous wife, tons of money, beautiful family, public office and apparently a major confidence complex (why else does one need that much affirmation) steps out and not only has an affair with his housekeeper, but impregnates her, within weeks of impregnating his wife!  Nothing but class.   All I thought was, wow, this woman must be a real looker, sorta like Paz Vega who played the nanny and housekeeper in Adam Sandler’s ‘Spanglish’ movie:

Paz Vega

Then the picture of the baby mama was released:

Mildred Patricia Baena, aka, Arnold’s baby mama

Hm, not really like Paz at all.   Shoot, not to insult anyone’s mama, but all I can say about Ms. Baena is that she has quite the bosom, especially notable if she were in a typical white maid’s outfit… just busting those buttons I bet.  I guess a man could find that attractive, right?   In the case of Arnold, he is married to Maria Shriver, a very talented news journalist, mother and one heck of a beautiful woman!

Maria Shriver

So, one can only guess what the element was that led the ‘Govenator’ to carry on a long-term affair with  his domestic help right under his wife’s nose. My guess? One word: attention.  Like most working mothers, Maria probably had her plate full raising her children, continuing with her career and managing a home which most likely didn’t leave her time for another full time job…holding up Arnold’s massive ego.  So here goes Arnold to the housekeeper who is more than happy to pay the ‘patron’ special attention. Then again, is this all really new?  Is it not the same principal that has been proven each time other men cheat on their partner with someone most deem “inferior”?   Do we not all remember this?

Hugh Grant and hooker Divine Brown

Ah, hello. Talk about down market. Hugh Grant got caught soliciting sex from hooker Divine Brown while he was dating Liz Hurley (not most commonly remembered for the safety pin dress, although she should be and here is why):

Elizabeth Hurley in Versace safety pin dress

Really, if it isn’t attention these guys are looking for, I am at a total loss as to what the problem is.  In the case of the Schwarzenegger’s, all I can say is Maria, go get your groove back girl!  There are millions of men who would love the chance to date you, and most of them can actually pronounce California correctly!


2 responses to “Attention: Arnold’s Achilles Heel

  1. Why exactly is that Divine Brown inferior? Seems to me that she is quite pretty actually. That’s OK, I am fairly certain I know what the answer is.

    • Hi Julie.
      Please don’t assume you know the answer, it has nothing to do with physical beauty. The real issue stems from what these women dedicate their lives to. As an actress and model you could argue that Ms. Hurley also makes a dime on her looks, same as Divine Brown. The difference is that Ms Hurley has dedicated the past fifteen years of her life to furthering the cause of Breast Cancer Research by donating her time, and celebrity to Estee Lauder’s global campaign. What has Divine done to better the world around her? Something to compare with Elizabeth? Think not.

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