Angelina’s In. Pippa’s on Her Way

Louis Vuitton has landed Hollywood’s biggest star to front its core values campaign.  Having featured Sofia Coppola, Bono and wife Ali Hewson, and Sean Connery in the past, the newest face is mother incarnate herself, Angelina Jolie.  LV’s core values is all about the tradition of heritage and passing down customs from one generation to the next.  As much as I might not adore Angie, she does have massive fashion influence (having served as the face of St. John’s Knits, a role now being played by Kate Winslet), and she gets family values as evidenced from her unique family with Brad Pitt of five (and counting) kids.  Angie’s photo was taken in Cambodia by Annie Leibowitz and should follow along the lines of the past campaign images:

Bono and Ali Hewson for Louis Vuitton Core Values Campaign

Sofia Coppola and Francis Ford Coppola for Louis Vuitton Core Values

Sean Connery for Louis Vuitton Core Values

I gotta say, these photos are beautiful and given the gorgeousness of Cambodia and Angie, watch for spectacular images to be released later this week or soon thereafter.

There also is a small rumor, getting louder every day, that Pippa Middleton is being wooed to be the new face of Burberry for Fall/Winter 2011.  I get it, I do. She stole the international spotlight at her sister’s Royal Wedding, in the Alexander McQueen white “stare at my super-toned ass” dress, and she certainly is attractive enough, but the face of an international fashion campaign?  Holy nepotism. I know hundreds of girls who are more qualified  and exemplify the brand values of Burberry more than Pippa.  But then again, their sister isn’t the Duchess of Cambridge.  Might it be that we have gotten totally carried away with our adoration for Pippa because we feel an emotional hangover now that Great Kate and William tied the knot? I mean really.  How else is it that publishes the following photo and caption?

A best-dressed ensemble?  Saraliously?  Jeans, a pink silk blouse and blue blazer equals best-dressed?  Not so much.  At the most, she is cute and attractive.  I think perhaps we need to reassess what “best dressed” actually means.

I have a feeling I am about to be very annoyed with the Middleton family in general. Can’t wait to see what Kate’s brother secures… maybe the next “Bachelor” for the UK version of the TV show?  Oy.

*All Louis Vuitton photos courtesy of brand.


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