Why You Should Dress for Your Body Type: A Fashion Lesson in Pictures

If you are one of the millions who has become besotted with Kate Middleton and her chic fashion style,  it is likely that in midst of all the pandemonium,  you may have forgotten that many other Kate’s came before her, each a style maven in their own right.  Katharine Hepburn, Kate Mulleavy (Rodarte)  and Kate Moss among them.  Another Cate, albeit spelled differently that sets the style standard so high its almost hard to even see is  Ms.Blanchett.    The “C” in her name should stand for “consistent”.  When Cate dresses, it is very clear that she is comfortable in her body and knows what to wear to bring attention to her best assets:  a small waist, broad shoulders, a fantastic swan-like neck and gorgeous face (the best cheekbones in the biz):

Cate Blanchett at the Syndey Film Festival

She really is irreproachable.  She is stylish and sophisticated, flawless.  Perhaps she could help media starlet Kim Kardashian find her way onto the same path, because based on her choice of attire earlier this week, Kim is a little lost:

Kim Kardashian in Gucci

Oh no.  How can I say this nicely?  Dangerous curves ahead?  Kim is busting out of this outfit. Why wouldn’t see just go a size up you ask?  Well, it all comes down to one word  “free”.  If you aren’t aware of how celebrities get to wear so many runway/designer pieces without having to actually put down any cash, let me clear it up for you.  Celebrities (or their stylists) ask for outfits on loan from the major designers, who in turn, get lots of press and publicity when the known star has their photo taken wearing the clothes (similar to the Reiss dress selling out when Kate Middelton wore it. Same thing here). Usually these designers do not have a full size run for each look, but rather one or two pieces in a common sizes (generally a 2 or 4), so that is what the celebrity has to fit into, or in Kim’s case, squeeze in to. Kim’s natural curves, which are fabulous, clearly do not fit into this Gucci dress, and the result is very unbecoming.   First, the bare midriff top reveals less than toned abs.  The gold obi belt is too tight, forcing the skin to push over the top.  Finally, the pleated skirt is waaaay too tight (probably because Gucci isn’t made for big bottom girls and the fabric is straining to cover her derriere) leading to the pleats puckering in the front.   It is such a same that she chose this outfit because Kim is such a pretty girl and this Gucci ensemble just doesn’t do her body justice.   Nor does it favor Gucci because on the right girl, this is how the outfit is suppose to look:

 Gucci Spring Summer 2011 RTW

Dying, love it.  See the difference?  Today’s lesson: Know thyself.   Select the one or two features that you most like about your body and make smart dressing choices that highlight them.  By doing this, you will look confident and in the end, that is what makes a woman attractive and alluring!


One response to “Why You Should Dress for Your Body Type: A Fashion Lesson in Pictures

  1. Great post! More celebrities should learn how to dress according to their body type. It is not that hard!

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