Fashion Styling: Summer’s Best Skirts

After suffering the 90 degree temperatures that took over most of the nation last week, is there any doubt that summer is here, even if it doesn’t officially begin until June 21st?  What better way to beat the heat and humidity than in a great skirt!  We have put together three fabulous options for you, inspired by the season’s biggest trends.

Trend: Stripes and Florals

Jason Wu SS2011

Michelle Obama’s go-to designer led the charge to bring back nautical stripes for summer 2011, yet refreshed the trend by tying in florals inspired in Brazilian art.  Although the color palette is rich and bold, the transparency is a bit hard for most of us to pull off.  Below is an alternative from Desigual that offers the same chic factor, without the uncomfortable situation that air-conditioning may present with Wu’s version:

Desigual skirt, $59.00 and Bryn Walker Stripe Blouse$49.00

Trend 2: Ballet Inspired

Chloe’s Spring Summer 2011 collection had a balletic quality and Vera Wang showed her love for tulle with a show-stopping frothy dress.  Although ballet-inspired frocks are beautiful and the epitome and refined femininity, it may be a challenge to find enough occasions in the summer schedule to really wring the value from such an expensive and editorial look:

Nude and Sheer at Chloe’

Pink and Frothy at Vera Wang

If your lifestyle doesn’t require a full head to toe tulle ensemble (practicality cannot be totally dismissed), you can still get in on the Black Swan inspired trend this summer by selecting a beautiful and feminine blouse in the delicate fabric and pair it with a universally flattering wrap skirt in fun summer colors. Finish the look with an oxford heel, the shoe of the moment:

Sonia Fortuna tulle gathered blouse with ribbon and crystal detail, $105.00

Ebiza wrap skirt, $99.00 and  Dolce & Gabbana Oxford Pumps, Filene’s Basement, $499.00, $149.00

Trend 3: Watercolor/Ombre Effect

Erdem featured watercolor and ombre prints in both its Spring and Fall 2011 collections.  Reviewed to much acclaim, the fluid change of color provides a soft and feminine, yet bold impact:

Erdem Fall 2011

Okay, let’s not ignore the elephant in the room.  Chloe Memisevic (the model) could REALLY use a meal and perhaps a blowout (what’s up with the limp locks?). All that aside, the dress is truly magnificent and an honest tribute to the master of watercolor, artist Claude Monet.  Interested in dabbing your fashion-forward foot into the art/fashion relationship?  Start in the shallow end by choosing a fabulous ombre dip dyed skirt styled with a solid color tank and transparent blouse in the same hue:

Deca ombre dip dyed skirt, $160.00 and mesh top with tank, $40.00

Make sure to select accessories that compliment the color palette of the skirt such as the green scarf and these fabulous steel silver open-toe metallic booties:

Sigerson Morrison Metallic Booties, Nordstrom Rack $399.00,  $99.00

UPDATE:  Looks like we aren’t the only ones noticing the trend of dip dyed garments.  Erika Domesek from P.S. I Made This (a total genius, follow her on Twitter for the best style and money saving tips), featured a D.I.Y on dip dyed denim today.  Get onboard the style train before it leaves you behind!

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