Canuck Hockey Fans Go Beserk and Luxury Fashion Pays the Price

Unless you live on another continent (and maybe even then), you know  Canadians love nothing more than they love hockey.  Vancouver may be best known as the home to 2 of the Twilight films (it also hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, but hey, Edward Cullen is bit more pervasive in appeal), but the western Canadian city is making worldwide news for something else these days: complete insanity.  After losing the Stanley Cup Finals in game 7, at home, to the Boston Bruins, the Canucks took to the streets to demonstrate just how mad and disspointed they were.  And if these pictures say anything, Diana VonFurstenberg, Louis Vuitton, Holt Refrew and Coach are apparently to blame.  Why? Not exactly sure. But if this weren’t the case, I would need some other explanation for this:

Some lucky girl is about to get a new (and free!) dress. Can’t wait to see what happens when she tries to return it after realizing the mannequin sample size won’t fit.  Hope she has something nice to wear to visit her paramour on Fridays at the big house.

The foreshadowing of the “renovation sale” is simply too good to not mention. Wonder if Holt Renfrew management planned on this big of an overhaul?

Maintenance on Aisle 2……..

Pop quiz, which one of these gentleman is going to be in the cell together with the DVF thief?  Although I wish it were both, the rascal in front was at least smart enough to cover his face while stealing Coach handbags directly from the display windows.

This guy figured he would do the same with Louis Vuitton. Natch, bet he didn’t realize these windows are made of shatterproof glass:

It really is disappointing to see how normal, rational people become animals.  Honestly, no one gets this upset over any sporting competition.  This behavior has to be rooted in something else all together.  Is it really a “show force and get force” situation as some familiar with public safety may claim?  Maybe. Next time try having no police force on the streets and see if riotious behavior is not incited.   My guess is it probably will.  So at they very least can we not be smart and arrange the window breaking and looting in front of Charlotte Russe or Arden B.?  At least then the collateral damage wouldn’t be so expensive!!

Photo Credits: Kyle Hamilton


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