Where to go to get Pippa’s Style? TJ Maxx, where else!

As all of you know, I am the biggest advocate of not sacrificing style due to budgetary restrictions, but I also don’t think one should rack up major debt just to get the fashion that makes your little heart beat a little bit faster.  So, when all the hysterics started with Pippa Middleton and the press began to chart her every fashion choice, it turned out she got captured carrying a tres chic laptop bag on many an occasion.

So, what does a good fashion book like InStyle do?  It puts its many unpaid interns to work to find out who makes the case and how us mere mortals not related to British royalty can still treat our laptops as if they were:

Well InStyle, I will do you one better. I don’t just stop at going to Knomo.com to get the same case at full price (pay retail? I think not).  Rather, I went one step further and headed down to where “fashionistas become maxinistas” (horrid commercials by the way) otherwise known as TJMaxx.  Although a big of digging is required and a good eye to identify what is great and what is junk essential, there are many FABULOUS deals to be had a the discounter.  Such as this gem:

Oh yes! Same brand as Pippas’s albiet the styling a bit higher end and refined with the patent leather trim but best of all, it was 50% off 🙂

If you need another reason to search out your local TJ Maxx to get your fashionista on for less, then frankly, I guess I will have a start a column here on UpMyAli completely dedicated to the fabulous fashion finds from your favorite discounters.  Look for the inaugural post later this week!  If you have found a great deal on a designer brand at TJ’s or Marshalls, or Filene’s et al, please post it in the reply section of this email so we can all get more for less!

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